About Your Assistant

About Your Assistant

Get organized for the future

At least we agree there is no business without data. This data is also useless if it’s not organized, interpreted and made sense of. The phindor business assistant, has found its place here.


What is it?

The phindor business assistant is a data engine specifically made to fit your business needs. We use artificial intelligence to process and interpret your data to enable you make meaningful and impactful decisions.

Our Work

We have spent unlimited creativity, time and other resources into developing the phindor business assistant, we wanted to make sure we not only present to you as simple to use solution but one that incorporates high-end technologies 

Save your time

Time is said to be money and by saving time, so you do to money. For us, if we could save you even 2 hours of your time every day, we will have fulfilled our purpose.

Secure your data

We know how much your data is important. We designed your assistant with this in mind. To make it easy, safe and fast to store and retrieve data.

High-end technology

We want to make sure that you too can use today's technologies such as AI in the running of your business, no matter how small it is.

Want to connect to your Assistant?

We would be excited to have you on board with us. If you own a business, we encourage you to try this out. Send us your request and let us connect you to your assistant.